Oatmeal and Santa Claus

We’ve become new fans of five-minute oatmeal. It is cooked in 2% milk, placed in lovely lions’ head soup bowls with a dollop of non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt, a few berries and every so often a drizzle of honey, maple syrup or Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

It is served with Chinese ceramic spoons. Yum, and it does keep us full on weekend mornings until lunch.

Today I plan to roast some butternut squash and heirloom carrots and make a curried soup for lunch. A fresh loaf of bread will round out the meal. Who knows about dinner, I haven’t thought that far. I did save two slices of specialty bacon and have eggs so he’s OK for breakfast. We have dog food. I’ll probably make oatmeal for me.

Anyway, Santa has visited. Kiddos, look away. He tends to visit us early because he can’t get to everyone on Christmas eve and wants to concentrate on you kids. We only have a dog and a handful of treats will do.

Our dear neighbors have given us boughs from their tree. The largest has ornaments from our storage and my husband’s tie bars and clips that are statement pieces for work. Thanks to them this holiday has cost me nothing other than two trips to storage. One needs light ornaments to decorate boughs. Years ago they lost their ornaments and we didn’t have a tree so lent them ours. What goes around, comes around.

My husband and I were born Scorpio and Sagittarius, different years. For both birthdays and Christmas we replaced our ancient cell phones. Mine was seven years old, his about five. His birthday is this week so I may get him a card. Of course I’ll make dinner, that’s a given. I hope he doesn’t ask for spaghetti and meatballs. It’s like hamburgers, he could eat it every day!

If you look at it sometimes Santa comes every day. A promotion, a job, a great parking space, oranges are on sale at the grocery, one is propelled to get a gift for a friend. You adopt a pet from a local shelter and have ten joyful years together. You meet your husband, marry and he drags you all over the country and world. They’re gifts.

My husband I do not usually give gifts for any occasion. A card, sometimes he gets me roses. We do not need to give on certain occasions as we give every day of every year. Hey, we’d rather hang out at home and watch a movie and make really great popcorn! To you and yours this holiday season, Dee


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