Neighbors and Holidays

This neighbor brought me boughs from their tree. He wants us to come and see their tree, which has a papier mache horse head at the top (I’ve seen it in past years) but he says this is an interesting year.

If only he could stop cutting off boughs for us! First year we met they’d misplaced all their ornaments. We didn’t have a tree so lent them mine/ours. We had a lot of swirly artisan aluminum ornaments we bought in Vermont years ago with my in-laws and they needed some kind of attachment to the tree. He used fishing line.

I went to storage this morning, found the box and got out a few precious ornaments. Two wooden stockings from the first months my husband and I met. Tagboard ornaments from kids and friends from an event I created 20 years ago, and there is one I added to the table that I keep by my desk every day.

It’s a golden retriever with a halo, my dog who died in 2001. No, she was 3,000 miles away from 9/11 and died earlier in the year. 9/11 is how I met my husband and we’ve been together over 14 years. I try to get us ornaments every year so we can know who we are and where we’ve been over the years. See
Close Your Eyes.

We will ask our neighbors over this weekend to share a glass of wine, from a bottle my father sent for my birthday last month. The caveat is that we need to see their tree. Also, for them to see what I’ve done decorating with the boughs. With thanks to friends and family I remain, Dee


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