Absolutely Not!

We live in a very nice building with a great view and wonderful staff. I heard they were having a company-wide party this evening.

I am one of the only residents who cooks, so I make them food year-round. Today I asked if I made a trifle, would they like it for the holiday party tonight?

Absolutely not! These were the best words I could have heard today, second to my husband telling me he loves me. Why not? This is staying right here for the eight of us, not 100 ravenous party-goers who will eat it up in two minutes!

I strayed from past years and made my own version with panettone, raspberries, blackberries and I made my own whipped cream with a touch of vanilla and cognac. I hope they like it. I sweetened the deal with a pretty bowl full of Satsuma tangerines. I should have soaked the panettone in some tangerine juice. Next time.

Sometimes they like everyone’s Aunt Dee! A new neighbor I’ve cared for and am still healing from taking care of him is puppy H. We saw him in the hall last night. He jumped up on me and I fended off his needle-teeth bites until I looked down at my hands and both were covered in blood. It was a tiny snaggletooth, teeny bandage overnight and it’s good as new today. Badge of honor. Do I get the Silver Star for that? Nah, he’ll be a great dog with training and out of pain from teething.

Anyway, the next time someone says “absolutely not” wait for the next sentence. They may just say your food is so good they won’t share it! Happy holidays. Dee


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