Around this time of year we all think about family and friends. Someday I’d like to create my Mom’s prime rib, Yorkshire pudding and a few desserts. I always did the side dishes, a number of them, so I know my permutations of those. Perhaps a post on sides, though your family already have plans.

I think of food and family, and sitting down to a wonderful meal together.

My holiday wish is that every family sit down for dinner together, all together, without any electronic device. Spend a half hour together and talk about your day or anything else, show an art project from school. Tell the story of the latest soccer game or piano lesson.

I’ve thought about my experiences and recommendations and the only one I added about dinner time was “electronic devices.” It was mentioned because I believe meals, especially dinner and holiday meals, are sacred events that should not include texts or calls unless one is a cop, firefighter, or doc and it is an emergency.

My family had dinner every evening, before computers or cell phones. Every year we’d receive spice cookies from an uncle in Switzerland over the holidays. He’s long gone now, as is my mother.

Enjoy your family. Happy holidays! Dee


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