My favorite time of day. It was more red earlier and I thought I should enjoy it rather than running for the camera. Zoe’s been out and has eaten. It’s tough to tell where the wind is blowing (will be worse when the lake freezes over) because the County doesn’t think we need an American flag next to the lake for half the year. They don’t plow their sidewalks or paths either.

There are no more leaves on the trees. In order to ascertain temperature and winds, significant factors, I’m forced to look at what direction the planes are landing in, and smoke coming from chimneys.

Actually I grew up in a cold climate and know how to read the “quality” of the smoke to tell me if it’s below freezing and what outerwear we need for Zoe the dog and me to take a walk. Perhaps I should talk to our local weather guy (he’s a neighbor) and see if they’ll give us this information early in the mornings. Hail storms, severe rain and blizzards are no-brainers. It’s just regular mornings with clouds and “iffy” information that are a bother.

The dog is asleep and the seagulls are out looking for food. It’s going to be a great day! Dee




2 responses to “Sunrise

  1. A plane just went by my window going SW. That means the winds are NE. I still do not know the velocity but checked online and it was 47 this morning and may warm throughout the day. In the Rockies we got a lot more weather info to tell me what coat, hat, gloves, boots to wear on a walk with the dog or to the store.

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