I know, none of you want to eat turkey after Thanksgiving but my husband and I ate a portion of a chicken that day. Now I had a rolled turkey breast roast. I took 1/3 of it and made Emeril’s sweet and sour recipe minus the “essence” and the sherry – I just use more pineapple juice. Check out foodnetwork.com

Finding an opening in the rest of the roll, without opening it up and using twine to re-tie it I cut down my home-grown basil and couldn’t find my pine nuts in the freezer so used a few unsalted, roasted almonds, garlic and olive oil, s&p and made a pesto to stuff inside the roast. We’ve enough for tomorrow’s dinner. It was tasty and will be more so the next day.

One thing I’ve never made is prime rib and Yorkshire pudding for Christmas. I can also do a wonderful trifle. I always made the side dishes for Mom so never dealt with turkey or prime rib. Plus, I can’t put the oven over 350 degrees lest the smoke alarm goes off!

We all have our holiday challenges. Cheers, Dee

ps I awakened this morning with a very sore fingertip and thought I might have a sliver, but don’t know how. My husband checked it out. It’s a blood blister from that puppy that came up days later. I’m typing now with said finger so I’m fine except for a little mark that will go away. I do love puppies, and Christmas. Dee



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