Without knowledge of doing so, I framed arguments. I framed theses, legislation and life.

Now I’ve two framers. One works with me to frame our lives and hopefully our forever home, my husband. The other is a picture framer who has helped me put our memories and art on our walls.

You’ve heard a lot about my husband so I’ll not concentrate on Thanksgiving soup and sandwiches. My other framer has a great eye for color and detail. K puts choices out for me and we discuss them, mess with options and I decide. I and my husband now have an eclectic collection (try saying that three times).

She has helped me with multiple works over the years and I’ve only two left for now. My Dad took up painting at age 80 and I’ve two rustic Tuscan works he painted and one inspired by Maori art in Australia. I finally found out where to place the one work of photos I took from several islands on the Ionian sea by the sea, to the sea.

There are photos I’ve taken of Concord grapes, and a Vermont mill on a trip with my in-laws. Also vintage lithos of Tuscan landscapes. We were planning to move a couple of years ago and I let go of a lot of clothing, books (donated) et al.

All these works of art were sitting, covered in towels, on the floor. I hired someone to come in for a couple of hours to help me go through things: keep; give to charity; discard.

My husband was coming back from months away for work. I took some of the art off the floor and we hung them in the master bedroom. I wanted a Tuscan retreat because we had still placed nothing on the walls.

When he returned, he said, “you’re not packing, you’re nesting!” I replied that what I can see, I can pack. We’re still here two years later and I’ve two more works to go, one a recent gift from Japan and another an original work from over 25 years ago, charcoal of dancers from a prestigious art school. Perhaps after the holidays.

The soup was good and I placed the rest in the frig. My husband asked me to put in more noodles. In the frig it now looks as if they absorbed most of my homemade stock! That’s the way it goes. Perhaps I’ll transform it into a stew! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Dee




2 responses to “Framing

  1. My first framer, my husband loves one work of art the most. It is the pinnacle of my artistic career, a crayon drawing of The Wizard of Oz, drawn at age five. I gave it as a gift to my aunt, and she sent it back to me two years ago saying that it should be framed. It is. I love that he enjoys it. My other framer and I chose a chocolate velvet matte for the Cowardly Lion and Dorothy (me) and a silver frame for the Tin Man. Scarecrow stands out for all his colors and hay.

  2. My husband is all three, courage, heart and brains. I saw all of that at age five, drew it and framed it for him. He is a great man. Cheers from Dorothy with an entire family around us. D

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