First Snow

I knew the kiddos would be disappointed today. We got a lot of snow that melted into slush. I put on hiking boots today to take the dog out about seven.

All I thought about was what I would feel first snow of the season as a kid, ready to make a snowman or sled down the hill.

As a snow native I know what kind of snow we have in the great lakes and in the Rockies. I know a powder day and that is reinforced when all skiers call in with a cough and say they’re “under the weather.”

This was slush. Boots did well for traction because nothing was done to streets or sidewalks. I felt bad for the kids because there were not snowmen/women to be made and there was no sledding down the big bowl because it was just too wet.

Good things. I did see beautiful trees and missed photographing them with hanging snow as it melted before I could get my camera. Yes, there was a little snowman, about 2′ tall, we saw en route. And because the kids couldn’t sled the bowl, the parents devised some sort of game below so they forgot about sledding. Great parents!

The kids see inspiration. Parents see perspiration. Isn’t that a lifelong rule of success? Cheers, no snow day here as I’ve a great car and snow tires. Cheers! Dee






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