Fool Me Once

A colleague was sent to pick up my husband for work several years ago.  They drove a good distance, my husband showed him around and my dearest love was out of work the next day. Guess who was his replacement? He stayed on, other clients but it was a crummy way to do it.

Later on, the same driver/usurper asked him to dinner at an expensive Italian restaurant and chose not to show up because he said my husband had “not confirmed.” That is not true. Adding insult to injury, my husband had that table and had his Dr. Pepper and waited. Nothing. Yes, he has a cell phone.

I believe what happened is that his boss ran into my husband at a work event, driver/usurper told boss man what my husband had been doing for the past year and the boss was blown away because my husband landed a much larger fish than they ever had caught from their tiny pond, or will, so forbade any employee from speaking to my husband.

Get this. It’s called agile. Making sure all the kids get along in the pool or on the playground. It’s about servant leadership, someone who mentors people and negotiates the technological and team potholes or sand traps or relationship struggles between departments and makes things work for the company.

A moderator boss once said that “We teach Servant/Agile leadership. We don’t have to do it.” Yes. that is a fact. My husband is a threat to him because he is successful, honest and true to the principles he has learned from life. My husband just wants honest work at a decent rate. No harm, no foul. I was placed on earth to protect him, and him, me. I’ll have to get get better glasses to have eagle eyes on anything and everything. Also, perfect my father’s stare at any boyfriend I ever had. Old Eagle Eyes. Except those glasses on my husband, of course. He passed muster.

And the beat goes on, keep it up Sonny and Cher! He’s coming home with pizza and tickets to tomorrow’s ball game. Dee



3 responses to “Fool Me Once

  1. Boss man was just fired. It is a new day. It is a new world!

  2. What goes around comes around, huh?!?

  3. It has never done so for me in such a short time. Kudos, J! While they hung me out to dry, I did find out that my former boss had been after the miscreant who made my life a living he double toothpicks for years. They will all be judged, not by me.

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