It makes me upset when I’m treated badly by co-workers. It makes me really angry when people attack my husband unfairly.

Recently, a villain he knew was let go. I knew years ago that the hand I shook was that of a snake and that I could never trust him. My husband is more trusting than I.

Another berated and undermined me until I begged our Director to transfer me. He did, to a great situation where they actually appreciated my work. My old boss became the Director and until his recent retirement he tried to get this guy for his shady tactics and that he went all-out to denigrate all the work I did on his behalf.

My boss never talked to me after I quit to go to greener pastures. I recently learned from a colleague that he worked for 30 years to get this guy. The boss would ban me from meetings, take over my work after it was completed and never thanked me for the work I did and many hours were spent for little money. I think he was protecting me.

He’d come in early in the morning and see me at my desk with the NYTimes and Village Voice I’d bought from my own money downstairs. I was working. He told me to read the papers that were sitting, unopened, on the floor. “That’s part of your job,” he’d say.

I like to think that old bosses, some, anyway, are still behind my work. Most of all, my husband takes care of himself at work. I need him to know I have his six all the time, home or traveling for work. I can’t believe KCMG spent thirty years on this, we all did some great work together back in the day. Cheers to the NYTimes crossword puzzles after five on Fridays, may the villains rot in h-e double toothpicks. Dee


One response to “Villains

  1. That karma, she sure is a long time coming, ain’t she??!!??

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