Some, our forefathers and mothers gave to us, they seem to be taken away daily. Again, by war and terrorism abroad and ashore. Homeland and security don’t belong in the same sentence.

I had the luxury of knowing I’d have an education, career, marriage. Many people do not get what I received in my childhood.

Rights and priveleges. To live is nearly a right. To learn to drive is a privelege that can be taken away any day.

I learned this morning that in Connecticut, insurance capital of the world, one is not allowed to sue for injuries on a home insurance policy without suing a person, not applying to the insurance company.

We thought of moving to NYC once and declined due to moving and living costs. Now that I find our insurers for life, health, home, umbrella, everything will not cover us until we sue someone else, this is a state to be avoided at any cost.

We pay for insurance. We have the right to use insurance as needed, like if some kid throws one of our pumpkins through our living room window on Halloween. I’m not giving you ideas! Just get your costume and be nice at the door. Trick or treat, Dee


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