Favorite Walks

Santa Croce to San Miniato al Monte. I’ve walked it alone many times and would love to have my husband join me one day. There are two churches and an ancient cemetery.

I aways brought lira for the cat lady who fed the ferals. She denounced it but I said it was for dei gatti, the cats. It was a trek through the tourist-strewn mini-David viewpoint. No-one walked up the hill. The umbrella tourists, heaven forbid.

“Follow me, never let the umbrella get out of sight.” What kind of exposure, willingness to learn and accept different cultures, does this type of “tourism” allow? Lots of money in lots of pockets and people who want McDonalds at every stop.

Santa Croce is my favorite church in the world. San Miniato al Monte is close, behind Notre Dame and Westminster Cathedral and certain ruins. I haven’t done the walk in at least ten years but if my health is good I’d like to do it again. There’s a simple church with an amazing Annunciation that is worth the walk. The view over Florence is amazing.

Then I walked down and to dinner with family and friends. I did that walk every trip, unbeknownst to others, and hope I can do it again soon. For all the joy Italy, Greece and Scotland have graced me, I say grazie, grazie mille, Dee


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