It became a topic of conversation this week. My husband is off on business and sent his laundry to a fluff and fold place, and his shirts through the hotel because he’ll be back next week.

They lost both. Our in-house drycleaner here at home lost two of my husband’s shirts and is still looking for them nearly two weeks later. This is getting expensive!

The kicker is that he called the Concierge downstairs to ask a question this morning and I had been mourning the loss of nice shirts, t-shirts, underwear and socks in one week in two cities.

She answered his question, then asked if he found his underwear. Priceless! I haven’t talked to him all day except for emailing him an answer to another question. New client. But our Divine Ms. M. talked to my husband about his underwear while I was out with our dog.

Interesting place, interesting times. We do tend to get an eclectic bunch of neighbors. I went on a “date” with a retired architect to the Film Festival. His wife wasn’t feeling well so asked that he take me instead. Mid-afternoon we walked, he took me for a frozen yogurt then brought me to a film called “Iris” that was wonderful. He remarked that we laughed at the same things. When we walked out we both said The Divine Ms. M. must see this film.

What would my mother-in-law think of that? Dee is out on a date with her neighbor. He told me today, picking his paper up, and said he had a good time. I replied that as of last night the film is on Netflix and they subscribe so while she recuperates, his wife is free to see it at home. They’re great neighbors. She gave me her ticket and he knocks and checks on me from time to time.

Ms. M. and I are planning a girls’ weeknight evening. I’ll do a couple of appetizers and beverages and we’ll sit on the sofa and watch Iris.

* * *

I made this dish today that was fantastic. The market I was stuck in (because I couldn’t get my car out) called to me. Kumato tomatoes, strawberries, the produce section had me so enthralled I didn’t even get what I came for, berries (got those), cereal and milk.

Strawberries, rinsed and dried. As a gift, place them all stem up for presentation. Meyer lemon zest, juice and a sprinkling of raw organic sugar. Yes, it needs napkins but they loved it! I enjoy feeding people.

Someone wrote years ago that if you ask for a taste from someone else’s plate you’re a “giver.” That means the person can ask for a taste from your plate and that you are generous in heart and spirit.

To this day I can go to a restaurant and know (even steer) my husband and brother to what they’ll like the best. My brother will not eat the same thing as anyone else at the table. But when he orders the lamb I wanted, he’ll let me have a taste. Cheers. To the kitchen! Dee

ps I cannot use my kitchen sink because the undermount silicone has degraded over the years. It’s fixed now but I can not use water for a while. I’ve chicken and potatoes and carrots to make so I’ll do my best. D


One response to “Underwear

  1. Yes, I bought the wife flowers for her bedside table. Two huge white mums, one purple thistle (reminds me of Scotland) and one bright yellow spider mum in a vase I have loved for years and my husband hates. She loves the flowers. I loved the film.

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