Baby Mouse, Barbie House

Yesterday I thought I saw a dead baby mouse after I picked up after our dog and properly disposed of her contribution. I kept Zoe away and the little thing raised its head.

When I was a little kid a mother mouse came in through the trunk of Mom’s car and had babies. My sister and I each took one and gave two to our neighbor boys. We were in the car at the store at the time so mama mouse never found her way back.

My sister’s died within the hour. They weren’t allowed inside so I made a nest in a coffee can and mine lasted 24 hours. The boys with the grassroots nature mom with seven dogs, many cats and a couple of horses saw them and immediately flushed them down the toilet. That was many years ago. I know if mama doesn’t come and pick up this stray newborn mouse tonight s/he is doomed.

My husband thought I was crazy but helped me anyway. I had an empty box of tissues ready for recycling and taped up one end. It’s getting colder here and I wanted the little one to be able to get in and out and be away from the wind.

I lined the bottom of the tissue box with a microcloth for warmth and when out there, filled a cap of a recycling Dr. Pepper bottle with some cream for sustenance. Now my father and in-laws are reading this. I did this for a purpose. Should I let this little one suffer? Others had seen the baby mouse but no-one helped it. I didn’t want human scent on it so my husband used a doggie poop bag to pick it up and place it in the temporary home.

The Pope is here. I missed his Congressional speech. I went to a Franciscan college and have even seen St. Francis’ robe in Siena but have yet to visit Assisi. For many years I’ve helped lost and surrendered animals. The baby mouse was just another endeavor, and all the four animals I adopted over 30 years were lost or surrendered to a shelter. All were spayed/neutered.


Ah, the Barbie House. My husband and I met 14 years ago. He’ll be away on a new assignment on that day. He lost his job as 1/3 of the company was laid off in one day. Yes, they left “Layoffs” on a white board in the conference room that was easily found by staff and my husband was one of the last hired so first to be let go.

He left to cut the money bleed and came back to a new job two weeks later. A month later he accompanied me on a pet walk (consultant and local pet sitter) and I found him a place to live about 1,000 feet from me.

Tons of steps. One car garage and if we were going to be together he needed a washer and dryer in the garage. He bought used for about $250. The deal was, I would get rid of his clean pile/dirty pile system and do his laundry if I could do mine. Of course we married a year later and will celebrate an anniversary soon.

Steps. I don’t remember how many. At least 14 to the front door. Garage/laundry, 19 steps to Barbie kitchen/dining/living. Curved staircase to office, only bath and MBR. Probably another 19 steps. My arthritis kicked in around the wedding and the steps were killing me.

I tried to make a pact but it didn’t work. If there’s a pile at the top of the stairs, bring it down to the living area or garage, wherever you’re going. If there is folded laundry on the first step up to the sleeping/office area, please bring it up and I’ll put it away.

He now asks to help with dishes as I’m washing the last one, or cooking when everything is ready to plate. The Barbie House was our first home. We met some great people there. Enjoy your Friday, I think we may head out to see some Fall leaves, after I check the mouse house in the morning light. Dee


One response to “Baby Mouse, Barbie House

  1. A former neighbor asked why my now husband of many years returned two weeks later. He pointed at me and said, her. Awwww.

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