I’ve known a few, and all have been memorable. Somewhat.

The first is the grandfather I never met, who died six weeks before my birth. He played all kinds of musical instruments, especially taught the violin to Dad, and left us photos and memories.

One took us fishing off Montauk, Long Island NY where all I got were blowfish, and seasick. He died when I was 16, Dad got the call when we were out in the driveway with this huge RV going on vacation.

One took education at a national institution to another level. He has remained a friend and so was his father until his passing.

Can I include my father? His middle name is Richard, after his father. He has been a major influence in my life and work.

There was a man I never got to know, sadly, who left a great wife and family before he passed. His grand-daughter will be married next month and that would be a thrill for him, after the husband passed military muster!

There is a grandson who is named after his grandfather. I am lucky to know that young man. I believe he has a connection with Richard that no-one else has.

As to influence I reference another Richard, who has made a big difference in our family over the past 25+ years. After many years apart, we turned out to be neighbors. I recognized them, they recognized me, and it was all because of our dogs.

I’m including my brother. Richard is my brother’s middle name. I love my brother.

Look out for Richard’s. They may surprise you and be in your life forever! They will always be in mine. Dee


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