Ties and Other

I found The Dark Knot for ties because they have pure silk extra-long ties. My husband is 6’4″ and needs a long tie. He’s worn business casual for years but will have to endure suit and tie for a while.

He has three ties that fit him and may be of this decade. The middle one is our “test tie” from The Dark Knot, Glastonbury Circles. But we needed some blues. Sadly, our wedding tie I bought him no longer works. I hope someone at St. Vincent de Paul can use it.


Ties, that bind. Work, marriage, kids, dogs. We just ordered two more ties online.

Another he really wanted because he liked it so much. When we were selecting the final two I told him that it was a duckling and a magnet. Chick Magnet.  No-one could see it from across the room but it was designed for bar chatter and my husband does not drink. He hangs out at home and watches re-runs of Blue Bloods.

He was miffed that his wife advised him not to get a silk chick magnet tie. No, he’s not looking for another gal. He is a physicist and liked the bird and magnet. That is life as I know it, Dee


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