Sun, Shadows and Magic

Our walls are not complete with artwork and we just received another work to frame that will go well with the color scheme.

In the meantime I just moved a few around. It makes such a difference! I had three long photos framed together of water off islands in the Ionian sea. Yes, I took them. They were in a dark hallway and no-one ever commented on them.

Now I’ve my altar to food with a blue/yellow/green theme, then the picture and the windows and the lake and it’s perfect in blues and greens. In the dark hallway I moved Dad’s painting inspired by Maori art to the other wall. Its undulating frame echoes the waves and the sun intensifies the lake effect.

Yes, my husband is away until midnight. I’m becoming a framer and decorator. At least not a shopper! I didn’t pay a penny, only moved things around a bit and will have to paint. You tell him that. Oh, I did spend three cents to replace a cookbook I lent out and never came back. Plus shipping so it was $4.02. Sue me.

When you live somewhere for a few years, you stop thinking what someone else would think walking into your home. What is the first impression? For me, what I’d want to hear is “smells great, what’s cooking?” I do know that color has a visual impact so I frame art with that in mind.

Our latest piece is Japanese, from the inventor of color wood blocks, of a courtesan receiving an invitation. It goes into the color palette of the dark hallway. We cannot turn a light on there else it hits two others and gives a very stark view to our guests. I would like to frame it simply, and have it shine.

The sea is working for me now, with light playing off the windows and pictures I took many years ago following the trail of Odysseus through the Ionian Sea. Every once in a while the tumblers fall into place. Hopefully that’s today. Dee


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