Fate, Again

It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. I see the outside corners and not the inside as yet. I need to get to the heart of it. It is our future.

A pulse goes through my entire body when I get these visions or ideas. At times I hope someone is helping us along. I already know who is not helping us along.

Wish for the best. I’m making Udon noodles with a pesto of chives, arugula, marjoram, basil and whatever fresh herbs I can find. Our community garden, my idea, is thriving and yesterday I just cut three stalks that wanted to go to seed. Then I took a bit from each, rinsed it, have it in a sealed bag in a damp paper towel to make for lunch.

Inside, I’ve a very small garden, mostly in a beautiful gallon olive oil container. Outside, the time for plants is short so by cutting them back hopefully we’ll have another month before everything freezes. Last year was warm and strange. Because I’ve been here a while I think this will be a cold winter so wish to let all our neighbors know to take advantage of our community herb garden.

If it is a cold winter the ice fishers will be out there. I choose one group a year, at random, and deliver breakfast and a six-pack of beer. Last time they made me stay because they caught a big fish in my presence and thought I was good luck. That lasted 15 minutes, they were on their own, my dog was in the car, waiting.

Being good to family, friends and strangers is good luck to me, always. Cheers! Dee


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