I Know Why

I like NCIS so much. Gibbs-a-thons. I just realized that Gibbs is the Navy Captain USN Ret. who married us and was like a father to me for over ten years. Yes, Mark Harmon, you’re much younger, it’s just the presence.

Gruff, but with a marshmallow interior that lets certain people in, including, luckily, me and my husband.

He asked his bride out twice, she had other plans, and swore the third time was do or die. They wed five weeks later and were married for 62 years. His sons are my older brothers. He married us. How’s that for solid family values?

My Captain is at Annapolis, interred. Of course we went to various ceremonies that day with family and friends. His widow got to meet SecNav and was given a coin for their service to our nation.

Thanks, Gibbs, for giving my “Mom” a SecNav coin that no one can ever trump. That is her husband. Not the coin. With deep respect for those who serve and protect all of us, Dee


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