I like quiet. A dear friend now interred at West Point told us a story at lunch one day. They had about 1,000 acres and a home within and a neighbor complained of noise at their home. He said, “then stay off my property!”

My dog thinks she’s in charge here and barks once at any noise because protecting us is boring, she’d rather protect everyone, herders…… But neighbors slam their doors. I know my husband is ready to shave and get into the shower when he slams the toilet seat down.

I tiptoe around and am quiet so my husband and dog can sleep when I’m up at 3 a.m. Even when I take the dog out early morning I close our door and lock it quietly so I don’t awaken neighbors and wear Crocs in summer, soft, quiet shoes.

What I don’t understand is when a neighbor calls for an elevator and hears me locking our door, hits the close door button instead of doing what I do. Anyone there? They either say I’ll be right there or say they forgot something and to go ahead. I know everyone and do not know who it is that closes the door in my face. That is not on point but it is about neighbors.

Rant of the day. I may have more. Cheers! Dee



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