People. We’re all people. Yes, I took political science and sociology and psychology. I know that we might get upset at the neighbor who borrowed our rake six months ago and never returned it. That’s an easy fix.

Then there are people who’ve hated each other for centuries or thousands of years. Jews/Germans and others, Croatia, Muslim, Catholic, Methodist, Episcopalian, and the British version that allowed Henry VIII to divorce or, better yet, behead his wives. Also we have Scotland and Ireland with a hated divide between Prostetants and Catholics that I have seen first-hand.

America brought in slaves from Africa. England provided the ships. Now there is a solid barrier between whites and blacks, that I have tried to quell in a small way. Now we live in the most divided city in the nation. Even the beaches are divided between black and white.

I was watching a film that turned to Auschwitz and could not watch it any more. For now. I need to see it. It’s mostly in Italian and is about Italian Jews being shipped to Auschwitz. It is unbearable but needs to be seen. I just can’t sleep after I see it. Must call Alice for the new exhibit at the Jewish Museum. I was raised Catholic, my husband a very Texas-style independent evangelistic way. I see people as people, not Black, white, Protestant, Jewish or Muslim. Or gay.

Open your eyes. Open your heart. If everyone did that I would be as eloquent as Sir Winston Churchill. In my mind….. Just think about it. Even vote.

We are all people. Same bodies, skin may be different and we may have differing religions but we are all people. Why enslave? Why make Jews and Catholics suffer the gas chamber?

Today we still have divides. We are all people. I think someone told me to ask us to think outside the box, to treat people as people. Meet your neighbor. A community, nation and world can only be stronger by its people and how they wish to change the world, for the better of all. Cheers! If I die because of this I wish my husband to shut this site down with a promise to take care of our old dog and re-marry. Not a trophy wife. Dee


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  1. I went to Dachau. It brought me down to the bottom of my soul. There were no signs and Germans did not want to tell us where it was. Way before GPS. When teachers tell kids this never happened, I question humanity.

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