Pain, Husbands and Fathers

My dear husband reached out for me the other night and caught my nose. He’s always touching the dog with his feet and she jumps down but can not jump up because she has no hips. So she whines near my pillow, I get up and lift her back and the two of them sleep. I’m detecting a pattern here. She wants a full side of a King bed! Smart girl, an old herder. Kick Dee out!

Last night I had a Charlie Horse on my right calf. I lifted my leg and did exercises to bring the spasm down. Then I walked around indoors for 1/2 hour and drank a lot of water. Then I tried to go back to bed. After sleeping a while, I reached out for my husband and he was not there. He can’t even call me from where he is because his minutes are limited by international law by the name AT&T.

Luckily I ran into an athlete who told me I need Magnesium for leg spasms. Pay enough and you get to meet doctors, news anchors and great athletes. Thank you! The calf is a bit sore but I bought my Magnesium today. I love my husband, dog, family, friends and in a while the people I meet every day.

My father got a medal yesterday he should have received years ago, for helping a not-for-profit business be a business. Forbes, early 80’s. Cheers to the former President. From his eldest, and with love, Dad, Dee


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