My memories are my own, my screen saver is a picture of my father holding me with one hand at 5-6 months of age and me reaching my hands out in a park to pet a strange dog. They don’t call me the dog lady for nothing!

Much of my life has been led by the lessons Dad has taught me.

Last night he received a rare medal for his philanthropic works. I talked with the author of a piece in the local paper about an article he wrote about Dad. He said I had to call the business office in the morning to get a copy.

This is a small community paper whose former editor, now deceased, was a friend of mine. The business office called me back and asked the spelling of the name and said she’d send me today’s paper and call me back with a price. She couldn’t go back a day or look up a story on the medal or my father.

I asked for any paper this week that mentioned my father’s name. I told her he was the President of the organization and received a coveted medal last night. She asked his name again and said she’d have to look it up and get back to me.

Sounds like the Institution I remember! Change is a dangerous thing for old places and people. Not me. I used to go to the flower shop when I was working for the program office to get roses for Dad to give to the opera diva or lead ballerina in a pas de deux. Pay is a wonderful thing. Finally they made the roses thorn-free with water bottles at each stem that I could take off at the last minute that were worthy of placing gently in a diva’s arms after a wonderful performance.

I’ve heard the lectures on sweat, being there is most of the battle, but I recall the stories of honesty and persistence. That’s how I got the roses in those talented arms. That is what I brought to life and business. Dad earned that medal years ago in my eyes. I hope he knows he has a medal for being a role model from me.

That the local newpaper doesn’t know who Dad is, does not surprise me. It’s Bestor Plaza, streets and rooms are named after famed people. Dad just made Chautauqua what it is today. What would my old friend, deceased, Bucky Fuller think of that. Mom hosted his 84th birthday and 62nd wedding anniversary at our home and made him a geodesic dome cake to cut. I’ll bet the news gal has never heard of a geodesic dome or R. Buckminster Fuller. Oh, kids these days….

News, the President’s office is sending me two newspapers so I can frame the articles for Dad.

Cheers! Dee


One response to “Differences

  1. There is a third and best article, that I would like sent to me for to work with the framing shop. I asked the author to send me two copies, otherwise I’d have to call the President’s office because the business office is not in the business of conducting business and should welcome someone ordering a day-old paper and paying for its transport. Alfreda, help me! You do every day.

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