Zoe (our old hip-less wonder dog) and I saw a man and very hip-hurting 14 year-old Jack Russell downstairs and I told him we’d been through that. They went on their walk, we were coming back from ours.

A few hours later he was with his wife Janice and she passed me, turned around and asked me for a Vet recommendation. I gave her your Wellness Center and my favorite local vet. I have to be careful as I’ve vets all over the country! Zoe’s health file is thicker than mine and I keep every piece of paper, including the invitation for everyone to join in for hors d’oeuvres for humans (three) and dogs (three) to thank everyone when she turned one year old and was nearing well.

She’s 11 1/2 years old now and going a bit grey but passed her Senior blood panel with no concerns. The dogs were so great with her when she had her hips out as a pup. She would just lie belly-up and they’d leave her alone. I think she has some Zoe magic going on. She’s about 33 lbs. and has been flirting with a 150 lb. Akita. Just flirting. At 80 in people years and he’s about 40, we’re calling her a “cougar.”

Jack Russell’s owner Janice thanked me today and said my Vet had asked for the referrer’s name. It’s me, Zoe’s mom, Dee. Thanks for easing his pain. We always appreciate the work that you do and like making connections to make things right for everyone. Dee


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