Official Klutz Week

Every few years I’ve a week where I break things or am injured in some way. This is a doozy. My husband had a meeting yesterday so I took the time to vacuum and dust et al. I moved the centerpiece from our table to another place and broke it and glass went everywhere.

Later in the day we took out the dog together, I took his arm on the crosswalk I had the city and county make a few years ago and slipped and went down hard. As a former gymnast I unfortunately did not protect my head and my left eye is swelling up. I have vision, it’s just hard to see.

I will not be able to drive, will ask my husband to get me an eye patch for now. There’s a nasty bruise on my left knee, yes, already.

Years ago my favorite young boys in the neighborhood challenged this old lady to do a cartwheel in the park. I did one. Then I saw a teaching opportunity and showed them how to do a split. The grass was wet. My shoe slipped out from under me and I pulled a groin muscle. Two weeks on ice. They didn’t know it.

That klutz week allowed me to teach them to stay away from meth dealers that give them expensive gifts, and later lend them a breed book to find Sparky. They brought Sparky, a Jack Russell Terrier home and immediately brought him to meet his Aunt Dee and return my AKC book.

When my dog died after ten years in my care from the shelter, I brought the younger boy aside and told him what happened. It’s a guy thing but he asked every detail of her death and cried. I said he should go out to his big brother and the “gang” and say that Dee yelled at him for something. I think we acted it out. Don’t ever do that again! Otherwise the guys would have made fun of him.

It all shows that sometimes klutz weeks turn into better things. I don’t know about this one or if I’ll be able to write. If this is my last post, farewell. Cheers, Dee


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