Scott Walker for President???

In his budget, yes this Wisconsin governor who tried union-busting a few years ago to make a name for himself, is now running for president. I guess he figures a statewide recall is worth it’s weight in gold as when your name is in the papers, people know your name, good or bad.

President of what I do not know. But it may be the USA. Right now his budget includes a miscellaneous package that:

1, allows payday loan companies to sell insurance, annuities and provide financial advice;

2. eliminates the Freedom of Information Act for information on politicians;

3. changes the living wage law for people working on government projects to minimum wage (that came out but will come back next week);

4. subsidizes energy companies, provides tax benefits for government and church building projects thus melding church and state, something our founding fathers found to be wrong, and give Milwaukee’s county executive carte blanche, even letting him use a parking lot for the infamous art museum for a sports franchise investment property to build upon.

5. and sanitize any reports of police shootings. Yes, police shoot people, white cops shoot Black people. I’ve read that Milwaukee is the most racially divided city in the nation. Think Detroit, then think worse. There are Black and white beaches. Not by official designation but there are no police cars at the white beaches and two huge SWAT vehicles plus patrol cars at the others, where we like to have a burger in the summer.

I’m not even going to say what he thinks about taxes or abortion as I’ve had enough. I lived in this state last year and paid taxes for my husband working out of state and paying full taxes in two states. We were owed a large refund and I got no one on the phone many times so 10 weeks later started with local politicians and they actually gave me a working phone number. A tax guy called me back. I asked if he had any questions on our return. No. We got our IRS return in three weeks. Are there any audit flags? No.

We just don’t want to cut big checks so wait for you to contact us. Government in action, government inaction. Here’s to our next president. We will have moved to another country before he takes office.

This is is not a budget. It is a publicity stunt to get his name out there nationally for being insane and a presidential candidate and be a tea cozy for the tea party. The people who elected him paid for this ad. They pay his salary and those of his minions. He is supposed to work for the people of Wisconsin, not just himself. I require more from the President of the United States. Politically yours, Dee


One response to “Scott Walker for President???

  1. The budget passed. Oh, my.

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