Happy. Woof!

Here, they do the big 1-hour fireworks on July 3rd then all the smaller towns have theirs on the 4th. I took out the dog for “last chance” before the fireworks began. My husband walked out to see the event and I stayed home with the dog.

Our neighbor was heading the newscast. What worked for us is that I kept the pops on TV low but loud enough to drown out the “thunder” outside. We could not see, but could hear the blasts. It helped that private planes were circling outside making more noise. All dog Zoe did was stay away from the windows.

Before we came home I ran into a neighbor who is getting a pup from the same place he got his beloved Jake. His sister and I helped Jake during his final months. He was Zoe’s age and got bone cancer. His ashes are on display and I asked for a photo of the pup and can’t wait to meet him or her. Getting a puppy is such a big thing. Bigger than July 3.

Happy 4th! Dee


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