Phoning It In

Years ago I was told that the established chefs were OK but anyone new that Food Network made a “star” would be beholden to them.

I watched the first episode of Top 5 Restaurants, about barbecue, and was shocked. It is hosted by Sunny Anderson, a “star” winner and good on TV. Also Geoffrey Zakarian, who should have known better.

They send out “scouts” and then deem the best meals, never having left the studio or tasting a bite of food. I know they’re busy but if FN wants us to buy into a new show at least have the show hosts taste the food.

When it comes to food and restaurants you have to see it, smell the aromas, check out the atmosphere and most importantly, taste the food. I don’t know who arranged this show and whether network and hosts just wanted to do it for money but it seems cheap and staged so that the hosts can spend 20 minutes in the studio and it’s cut and print. I’m very disappointed.

I would never recommend a restaurant based on this content and will not watch again. Cheers from someone who actually cooks and tastes things. Dee


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