Tech-Speak and Partners

In the UK a while ago I was out at dinner and my husband and his boss ignored me for over a half hour. When they took a breath I asked where this particular step was, between SIT and UAT?

That’s system integration testing and user acceptance testing. The boss finally acknowledged my presence and asked, “do you know what we’ve been talking about?” I replied, “only enough to get my husband his next job.”

After many years together I like to think of us as partners. Now that he’s away a lot I feel more like the cook, maid and dog walker. I’m really good at two of those but on maid I fall way short. The master shower is a mess so he’s now taken over ours, mine and the dog’s, shower.

I can’t help find him jobs anymore as he’s in atmosphere that does not translate as did that dinner years ago. Actually, it’s worse. He’s gone into my areas of expertise and while I’ve been in those areas for years he won’t listen to me anymore. Welcome to Dee’s world.

Luckily, for the first time today I’ve found garlic scapes, with which I would like to make a pesto with a bit of basil, olive oil, parm and nuts. Served over pasta with a few scallops on the side. Or on top, I don’t know yet but am getting hungry.

The dog is by my side waiting for her dad to come home. It’ll be two days and she’ll be OK, just sticking close to me and keeping us safe. Dee



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