I know more people like the grandmother who “adopted” me 14 years ago. I never really knew mine as they died before I was a year old.

She’s been undergoing some difficulties and it’s hard to be so far away and unable to visit right now. We love her and hope she’ll be up and on her feet swiftly.

Nanny came from a different age. All of her children, grands and great-grands have a sense of purpose, honor, and honesty.

Today I was scammed my a company trying to buy my husband (from dog Zoe) a gift for Fathers’ Day. My bank refused the first payment as fraud. The second, I called in and told them I’d sue if they charged me for two more of the same items.

I think I have to call the bank back as the only way they can stem these charges is to cancel the card.

Nasty people are around that just want whatever they can get without earning it. Guns, drugs, that’s not how we were brought up. While my husband and I grew up in vastly different places we never locked our front door or car. Think of others, tell the truth, apologize when you’re wrong. Work hard. Take care of your family. That is what it is about, and grandmothers who take you in. Cheers, Dee


One response to “Wishing

  1. Fraud is closed but will re-open in a few hours. I’m leaving the money in the grocery account so they can steal it and be found. If they charge for two as they threatened after they tried to get me the first time I’m out $35 for insufficient funds but I already checked it out with Chloe and the Fraud Department who nixed the order and have incident numbers. Next call is the feds. I never went to this much trouble to get a gift. Neither did dog Zoe who is sleeping soundly.

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