The Rover

Husband is roving, big event today. Home tonight for homemade pizza. He only comes into the kitchen for ice and water or Dr. Pepper. He does not cook.

He joked that he’d take my Italian OO flour and make a well on the airplane tray, rise the dough in a flexible vase, grate the cheese, slice the pepperoni and have a nice flight attendant cook it and share with crew and passengers.

That was a dream. I’m making pizza tonight with my OO flour, fresh mozz, pepperoni, sauteed peppers and mushrooms. He’ll be home for dinner and the dough will have risen and we’ll be glad to see him. Cheers! Dee

p.s. Alton Brown, you are a horrible influence, telling a physicist how to cook. He doesn’t cook, only critiques my work! We love you, D


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