I’m certain you know that herding dogs crave routine. I took Zoe in the back seat to bring my husband to work one hot morning down south years ago and she wanted to do it every day.

As soon as he said goodbye and got out to cross the street, next to the bus enclosure, Zoe would hop into the passenger seat and sit down as if she was a person. Everyone at the bus stop laughed. Every day. “My goodness! She looks human!”

Sometimes I crave routine because it’s easy, often I want something challenging. I often do that through writing and my food. We have had off-routine for some time now as my husband has been doing challenging things for himself. My world was turned upside down but he doesn’t know that.

If you read an earlier post my trackball mouse that helps me with my arthritis broke the other day. Only the scroller broke and I use that a lot so he installed another just for scrolling. Yesterday we received the new one which is similar. He installed it last night and I’m dealing with the variabilities. I’ve saved the old one as it may be fixed and sold on eBay for $600 (we bought it for $35) because they’re not made anymore. The trackball is smaller and I’m overshooting or undershooting this morning so please bear with me if I err.

Routine. Going between two computer mice drove me nuts but what was even worse is that after two days I started to get used to it!! It’s scary what the human mind can do. Thank goodness I’m getting that routine back.

This morning was horrible. I will not cook until my kitchen is clean. I only had a few hand-wash dishes from dinner. Dinner was great, chicken wings in my famous marinade/sauce, roasted red potatoes with olive oil, s&p and thyme. Spring greens salad with Campari tomatoes and my husband’s routine, ranch dressing. I like to make variable vinaigrettes but he loves his ranch dressing.

So I got a nose bleed after dinner and didn’t finish the hand-wash dishes until this morning. An alarm was set. I took out the dog and fed her. My husband, when in town, usually sits at the kitchen counter/bar on a nice stool and I feed him.

Eggs over medium, bacon, two strips, toast with jam that will not stain his dress shirt. Orange juice, herbal tea, and an allergy pill. He was in my kitchen this morning messing me up. We are definitely not back to “routine.” Not yet.

I need to pick up my game and be there for my family. The research we’ve done has been helpful but my breakfast game is about ten minutes off. Will work to serve. Dee


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