I like to think of challenges as a whole and figure out a way to get there. That is how my husband thinks of his consulting engagements. Framing.

Over the years I have also framed art and look at the colors and matting and frames as a job as well, one that I enjoy. My husband just thinks they’re pictures on our walls but then, his mind doesn’t go there as he’s concerned with other things.

My father took up painting at age 80 and I’ve three of his works, beautifully framed by his eldest child. I’m writing my will and giving these three to my dear brother. He is a framer of art, of ballet, and will care for them when I’m gone.

There are several more to do. An original work from Dad 30 years ago by an art student at a prestigious school. Four works from Dad on seasons that I’d like to do as a large piece if possible. They will go alongside a quilt my m-i-l made in the 70’s that we “framed” into a seasonal quartet.

Framing our lives is something I do every day. It’s not having a light yellow over a slight red with a particular wood frame. It is our lives. They are changing and I hope to frame them well.

Cheers and good morning! Dee


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