I made my husband promise not to tell his mother about this leftover breakfast because she will not think I am frugal when I am actually using stuff that’s in the frig so it’s basically “free.”

There’s this sausage I tasted the other day at the grocery and there was one left. Husband left to get Dr. Pepper from the other store and picked up some cheese.

I must say I used the wrong pan and it stuck so half came out OK and the other looks more like a hash than an omelet. I used a cast iron skillet. If I were on Top Chef I’d have said I made an omelet “two ways.”

Let’s let the cat out of the bag, M, as I used your cast iron pan and now this blog will be readable by all.

Two eggs, large. 1 T heavy cream. Salt and pepper and mix. Add 2T Bellavitano Merlot cheese and 1/2 truffle sausage. Make your omelet. He’s a happy camper about now because I also gave him a Fuji apple with knife and small cutting board, a cluster of muscat grapes and a fresh glass of ice water.

I know, it’s bad, M. But it was already in the frig and I don’t want to give it to Zoe The Dog! I had 1/4 cup of dust from a box of wheat waffles cereal. We saved money on that.

Note to readers. When I met my husband 14 years ago he only ate individually wrapped string cheese. How did I know? He left the wrappers from the frig to his desk in his man cave.

Now he opines on whether to get a 4-or 5-year old local cheddar or Bellavitano’s merlot cheese. Say it now or forever hold your peace. I have created a food monster. Yes, I acknowledge that fact. Luckily he does as well.

He doesn’t do anything in the kitchen except get ice and water or Dr. Pepper (this is truth and not a monetized site). He opines on every new dish saying I’ll make it better and third time’s a charm. Your four cheese mac and cheese with sun dried tomatoes from the Italian store down the way needed more oomph. Chicken on the bone is too much bother, I want BEEF!

It’s late and there is much to do today. He’s home so I unloaded the dishwasher early and started laundry that is drying now. No loud noises as he’ll be on the phone all day. Life goes on. Cheers! Cook something great today….. Dee


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