I Can See Clearly Now,

the rain is gone. I can clear all obstacles from my way……

We moved here three years ago. Our place had been unoccupied for several months. They didn’t clean the windows. My husband’s allergies got me to hire Ms. T for a house cleaning the morning our furniture was coming in but she wasn’t allowed to touch any windows.

Our outside windows were cleaned shortly thereafter. I got us on a list to do the interior, for which we must pay. I’ve signed up for that list for three years. Five guys, boss and crew, showed up this morning and did all our windows inside and balcony windows outside.

My reaction? There’s a LAKE out there!!!  Wow! The Air Show could be spectacular this year if we’re here. It’s night and the Coast Guard is doing helicopter exercises. We’re leaving the shades up in case the clouds pass and the stars come out.

As I age and gain wisdom I do see more clearly. Being married a long time has enhanced both our lives. I’m less emotional about things and he is more caring. It has worked out well and part of the reason is that we waited until we were older before tying the knot.

Tonight I wish for several things: people who treat us honorably and fairly; a long life together; and that pollen season gets over soon because he’s miserable.

Hope your evening is going well. I’m about to get some info about an art seminar that I’m eager to read. I always love learning new things, especially about my favorite Tuscan female artist. Dee


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