My husband is a techie, a geek, someone who knows every change the “new” Star Wars Episode IV’s director made. Now I know it, too and love that movie.

Most of it. He says people collect things. I collect paper but much of that is reduced because I even do our taxes in a paper-less fashion.

I told him when we married years ago I didn’t want any little things of china or gizmos that would collect dust, or jewelry. Or an engagement ring. We eloped.

He has collected video games but does not play them. Electronics. Technical and managerial books. Strangest fruits and veg to try, and ice cream.

If I thought he’d collect something in the future I’d hope it would not be wives, and perhaps think of art or bowling balls or sailing and putting a ship in a bottle.

He can’t collect movies because they’re all available, everything no longer on CD but on laptops, TV’s through his portable Roku and his iPhone. He recently collected a huge printer. Oh, I know it now. We have every electrical cord he’s ever bought in two boxes. Also tools. At least five boxes and all are in storage. I keep two screwdrivers, hammer and nails and a huge moving tape dispenser under the kitchen sink. It is Moving Central.

A lot of people who use computers pride themselves on their computer of choice. We deem them tools, akin to a pencil, that only do the job at hand. I think he makes good use of the computer tool to the advantage of the people he serves. The people we help may be our collection, of today and memories. Dee

We both have the philosophy of helping people and perhaps change for the better. My pencil will be sharp as well. Dee


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