My husband just got me a new hard drive and it messed some things up, sorry!

I remember when I first got bay leaves off a tree in Northern California. It was a revelation. Nowhere near there now, once a year I find fresh bay leaves at the market, rinse and thoroughly dry them, bag and freeze them. They’re so much better than dried bay leaves.

In addition, with the reboot/computer overhaul today I found a photo of my father and I, I was about five months old, given I was born in November and we were picnicking in short sleeves (ok, I was in a onesy and not standing).

Dad was seated behind me on the blanket and was making sure I was safe by having his arms around me, yet a dog came up to me and I had my arms out to pet the dog and he let me reach out and connect.

All my life I’ve always reached out to people, dogs, cats, anyone in need. I just didn’t know until today when it started. I thank my Dad so much for keeping me safe and letting me go. This is about preserving memories, Dee


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