It’s not enough to ban unions. Now is the time to disenfranchise at-will employees. We live in a union, middle class manufacturing state where most of the jobs have gone away.

Our governor wants to be president in 2016 and he’s sealing his bid with a kiss. It is a kiss goodbye to all people who are paying taxes for pothole-filled roads, roads that are never plowed, pedestrian walkways which State law says that one must stop. No-one ever stops. They honk their horn to tell you to get out of their way.

In my mind it is the kiss of death. While cozying up to the Tea Party base, this governor is now trying to mess with the lives of everyone else in his state, via legislation that demands employees never to to work with anyone they’ve ever met before for six months to two years.

For example: I work at the corner gas station and got a job for twenty cents more at the mini-mart that has a gas station but my non-compete clause says I can’t pay rent or buy food for my kid for at least six months.

This is what our governor wants to do to become President of the United States, disenfranchise all the voters of his state and others that find out what he’s doing. He’s embracing poverty, and running the middle class elsewhere because of the two-year ban he’s placing on getting work.

I don’t know about you but I don’t have two years in the bank to live on while awaiting a paycheck. Our quarterly savings amounted to three cents interest. At least our banks are making money off of ours.

Years ago my husband was offered a job at a huge bank. The contract stated that no matter how long he worked for them, they owned every idea in his head from the day he was born until the day he died. We had a problem with that. In the end they got rid of him after the contract was signed one day, he resigned from his employ, and the next day they said not to report to work on the following day. We didn’t sue them, but the story is legend and everyone thinks we should have sued them as that bailout money would have helped us out.

I always come back to loyalty, trust and steadfast work in an honest profession. Wisconsin is to become a total welfare state with only out-of-work factory workers and all the people who get sick of huge taxes will move out because gangs are on the streets that have huge sink holes, the street lights no longer work, there is no gas or electricity. Yes, this governor is going to be a president. Of the Mastodon Society, perhaps. Hopefully not the USA. Dee


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