Order of Protection

I have one, to protect those I love from people who may hurt them. It is not a legal writ, it is a promise. I made that promise to my husband when I married him 12 years ago, and to our dog, that I made 11 years ago when we adopted her from the shelter.

My husband knows what he’s doing in business and, today, it is booming. Sadly some of the countries he needs to work in do not accomodate us, especially our elderly dog. Even though she’s been vetted through the British process solidly for the past ten years, there is a mandatory 30 day quarantine without her normal food and without any parental (if you can call us that) access to let her know everything’s OK and we’re here for her. She is a herder. I will not put her through that process at Nanny’s age, in dog years, sorry, Nanny.

I will go through TSA, they hate me, but if my husband’s deployment is a year I plan to visit and not have our old dog go through torture to get there. I’ll find a friend to take her while I’m away. I will not put her through that for a job. We are a family. It would be nice to keep us that way.

Opportunities abound these days, just look around the corner or in the next airplane seat. A lifetime of effort may pay off one day. Wishes, Dee


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