Zoe’s Friends

Today was interesting. I’ve been having some health problems so am supposed to not even be sitting here, much less what I did today. Sorry, nurse M. I’m trying!

I promised to bring a dessert to a party for all the residents. Apparently it disappeared quickly and I’ll have to go get my trifle bowl. It was not my usual trifle which is lemon pound cake, a whipped cream and lemon curd middle with much mixed seasonal fruit.

Today it was a key lime pound cake not baked by me, the innards  of whipped cream and lemon curd, and cantaloupe and blueberries. I got to taste a teaspoon of it. It’s good but not my best.

As Nurse M told me to keep off my feet I did go to the store and make the trifle and when I delivered it our trusty party planner needed a bit of help so I spent a couple of hours on yeomans’ duty. She made me sit while slicing all the rolls.

The singer had arrived and we’d met. He was setting up and gave me a pick. All I try to do right now is keep my guitar hydrated.

I left, fed Zoe and took her out and went downstairs to the party. I usually don’t go to parties by myself but did and it was very interesting. People I don’t even know introduced themselves and said “You’re Zoe’s Mom.” Everyone. We go for walks and no-one says hello to me, they just say hi to Zoe and I don’t mind. I think she’s kind of special as well.

In the end I got advice on a spouse being away from home for a while, met several interesting folks, and may be one of two chaperones for a new love match. Tune in to see what happens. The other chaperone was Mama and she approves the match.

So, the musician gave me a pick to try. While I got ready I opened my guitar case and found Woodstock picks from Ernie Ball and slipped one into his hand. After the concert he told me he’d put it up on his wall. Ernie Ball created the infamous slinky string that key rock & rollers use to this day. I know his son, was his neighbor.

He gave me a gift and I gave one back. Plus, he wanted to thank me without mentioning my name and played Amie, a Pure Prairie League stalwart. It’s one of my favorite songs as in college they’d sing “Hey, Dee.” No, I didn’t ask him to play anything. It was just that kind of day. High fives and a bit of magic.

Ok nurse, I’m putting my feet up. Cheers from Zoe’s Mom.





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