Of The People

by the people, for the people. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. We took a Thanksgiving trip two years ago and made many plans to see many things but we had the dog with us and traffic and long roads to nowhere. We really wanted to see Lincoln’s birthplace in Springfield IL. Some of his words and teachings have shaped my life and political philosophy.

Standing in front of his statue at the Lincoln Memorial is as moving for me as reading the original US Constitution and standing in front of the Supreme Court building. Or listening to Coretta Scott King at the AME church on the first Martin Luther King day.

But a government of the people, by the people and for the people resonates with me. I worked in government, a good pet to have for higher-ups. Take a young smart kid, throw them in the deep end and see if they can swim. Luckily my “deep end note” from Mom worked and I’d aced swim classes thanks to Dad.

President Lincoln would go with the flow of technology but would probably not have approved, lauded and fought for tooth and nail for the so-called Patriot Act that allows all our phone calls and emails to be monitored by the government.

I have a small local issue that may become a national issue and have gone up the chain of command, so to speak, in order to address it. Please hear me out because I left government because I thought, erroneously in my youth, that I was in policy, not politics.

Our city, county and state say I’m imagining insect bites, everyone passes the buck, there’s standing water below and no-one will do anything about it. One official tells me I’m making things up, others even said that four inches of fetid swamp water in a railroad bar ditch (the rails now paved and part of a city trail) is governed by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. I haven’t seen any porpoises, manatees or blue whales in this disgusting standing water.

I was actually told by local bureaucrats that no-one cares about standing water or mosquito breeding grounds until late summer when residents start going to hospitals with symptoms of West Nile Virus.

Of the people. We are a representative democracy.

By the people – we elect our representatives, and when we don’t care or don’t vote that’s our problem.

For the people. It’s actually about re-election. There’s no response, there’s the runaround where you’re directed to other agencies in a vicious circle, there’s the “we’ll look into it” and no callback, they try to make us feel stupid and then there are outright liars. We pay their salaries. More people should call in about the dead cat in the middle of the street or broken glass strewn on the crosswalk.

Your money pays these people to treat you like dirt. If you’ve a problem, contact them. Here the city takes care of one side of the street and the county the other. They won’t work together. It took a lady being killed for them to put in a crosswalk. It’s been there less than a year and the paint is fading and they think I’ll let it go. No way.

Dad always said I should run for office. No, I don’t think so. I think I was meant to run people out of office for not being of the people, by the people and for the people. I vote. Please vote your conscience as well and volunteer. Dee


2 responses to “Of The People

  1. My rule is that any law enacted should be enforceable for all. Congress shouldn’t have better health care than we have. That’s it. Period. How can they remember their paper routes and how they got elected in the first place. Of the People. D

  2. Under ACA I cannot get health care. I’ve written the President and my Senator about it.

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