Our relationship, which comprises nearly ten years of marriage, is measured in feet.

Before marriage, indeed three weeks after we met, my husband returned to Texas for two weeks, utilizing three linear feet, the minimum required by ABF Freight.

Two years later, post-marriage, I had brought in an entire kitchen, bedroom and office. He tells folks I cost him nine linear feet when we moved to Texas.

Years later, we lived in the Rockies for a few years in a furnished place and stored our stuff in Texas. A real bedroom, a living and dining room had been added to round out our lives.

A few weeks ago we moved in (still have a few boxes) and the cost, yes ABF once again, is 15 linear feet.

So, over ten years of marriage how can I give my love 12 linear feet??? Should we just renew our vows and have an ABF trailer at the site? Looking for ideas.

We live in a small space with great views and enjoy the people we’re meeting. I cook a lot and enjoy being able to walk to the store with a new cart he bought me that glides over the misshapen sidewalks and even preserves eggs!

Come to think about it, he’s jointly responsible for three of those linear feet so I only owe nine. And I did bring in an office and entire huge kitchen so he’s been able to use all that for eleven years so let’s take off another six.

But I do have a lot of old papers so three feet is all mine, which equals the three he needed in the first place so we’re even. I love you, dear! No more ABF trailers! Dee


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