Paying Forward, Inspiration and Perspiration

When I move, I always leave a roll of toilet paper, on the dispenser, in each bathroom. Why? Because I know how it is to get to a new place after a long drive and take a load of boxes up from the car knowing that the last 20 oz. Diet Coke I picked up with gas two hours ago is straining my bladder. Places like where we live now will remove any trace of our existence when we leave. Including the toilet paper. That’s sad.

So as of yesterday we have new neighbors. I lent them our dolley and helped break down a few boxes. Late afternoon I gave them some homemade Bolognese sauce, a box of spaghetti and some freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Just left it in a cooler at their door with a card saying we’d be in touch after they were rested.

I was thus inspired to get through some of our boxes, as we’ve been here eight weeks now. Issues have hampered my progress in this regard, including an emotional unwillingness to go through 20 years of papers because my husband and I never really commingled households, just stored … boxes.

So today I put up a lot of framed photos in boxes to go to storage because we simply don’t have the wall space. And I hung a few pieces as well. Plus I have the dining room ready to go except I can’t lift the 42″ glass round by myself.

Also I’ve prepared all the toppings and now need to make the dough for several homemade pizzas for a casual dinner this evening with other new neighbors.

Pizza #1 is sauteed spinach with garlic, mozz, and a bit of crumbled goat cheese

Pizza #2 is pears with Gorgonzola Dolce

Pizza #3 is Pissaladiere, caramelized onions with an anchovy garnish (none of that for hubby, he’s allergic to anything that swims)

Pizza #4 is classic white pizza (no sauce) with sauteed mushrooms and pepperoni.

Perhaps I’ll have enough dough to try a focaccia on the grill for later.

One said that with genius or ideas that it’s 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. My new neighbors inspired me to perspire a bit, as I’m sure they have for the past few days.

Let’s hope we start a trend in a transient (many pro athletes and professionals from all over the world) community by welcoming new neighbors and saying hello in the elevator. It’s easier for us because we have a dog. Everyone (even people I’ve never met) always ask about the dog if she’s not with me! We’re known by Zoe everywhere we move.

Take care and enjoy the weekend. Cheers, Dee


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