Then the Blender Fell on My Head…

Yes, I was trying to organize things after my husband built me a pantry and couldn’t find space for a Kitchenaid blender with a heavy glass jar so temporarily wanted to place it on a top shelf while I found a better place to plug it in.

The blender jar fell and hit me on the head (ouch!) then hit the dog’s dry food container then the floor a foot below. It’s OK. I’ve a bruise and headache.

I wanted to take a photo for you and even found the camera for a moment but can’t remember where that was. I have no clue anymore. And it’s not like we’re living in 10,000 s.f. or anything, it’s more like 1,248. Pictures of family are going to have to into storage for a while because of the number of windows we have looking out at the Lake.

Today I opened and put away 13 boxes. My goal was ten but I hope to get the coat closet finished (two boxes of overcoats and boots) tonight so we can take some things to storage in the morning.

Then Wednesday is donation day, and Thursday, hopefully document shredding day then the futon arrives 2:00 p.m. and I must have the office set up and free of boxes. Friday m-i-l and 9 year-old nephew arrive late afternoon for a few days.

But I’m so glad my head stopped the blender jar from breaking. Zoe (the dog) is glad her food container helped out as well, because how else would she survive without a Mom who feeds and walks her? Up since 1:30 this morning I’m a bit punchy but did get an hour’s nap after the 12th box.

Hope you’re having a good day and remember to never leave your stuff in storage for 3 1/2 years! You end up with duplicates and triplicates of certain things, like box graters and juice reamers. Cheers! Dee


One response to “Then the Blender Fell on My Head…

  1. Fourteen, and everything is moved back a day, including the futon delivery. Hubby has a presentation tonight so let’s wish him well. I still have to do the coat closet and find my denim jackets and at least ten more boxes tomorrow. But my pantry is stocked. sweet side, dog stuff, and savory ingredients. Now I can plan menus for our guests, once the spice rack and knife racks are installed – later tonight, dear??? Dee

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