Anniversaries et al

Yesterday was the day my husband and I first met, today was our first date ten years ago.  I always wanted a decade to pass until I talked about it.  A decade makes it real.

I get so worked up reading the news and seeing the jobless rate and how our economy is sinking further that as I ponder ways out of this morass, my heart pounds and I’m stressed.

Then I think of writing and the heart lessens a bit, later I think of writing of my love and I’m back.  Ten years ago yesterday I met my husband.  It was early afternoon, shortly after 9/11.  The restaurant was crowded so I sat at the bar, and five of us struck up a conversation starting with 9/11 (I was stuck in Europe and not allowed to come home) and ending with my learning of Jim’s family dairy and his love of movies.

Three hours later we shook hands in the parking lot and shared numbers.  The next day, today ten years ago, he called to ask me on a date.  I still have the paper map book he printed a color map insert to show him to my place less than a mile from his.

Dinner and a movie, and a four-day date with 14 visits to take care of neighbors pets and we took some time off to sleep in our separate condo and man cave.

So, in a few months we’ll celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary.  No kids, just a dog who’ll turn eight at the time so it’ll be a joint celebration in the snow, no doubt.

I’m downstairs on my computer and can hear my husband snoring upstairs and know that all is well with the world for the moment.  Fate intervened because the two of us didn’t have a clue that we’d meet and be soul mates.  Whatever happens, we’ll be together.  And as an physicist and engineer, I don’t know what’s in my emergency kit he put in my car but he does and can get us out of any situation.  Hint: marry a geek, at least be nice to them in high school as they may turn out to be Bill Gates.  Cheers, Dee


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