I Love You, Son

If you don’t know, my in-laws got in a bad car wreck late last week and my father-in-law has been in the hospital awaiting surgery for several days. Back surgery, pins and rods et al. Tonight I was on a call with his eldest son, my husband, and he said “I love you, son, I’m proud of you.” We got off the call and called Jim’s younger brother, who lives nearer by so can stop by the hospital from time to time.

I was very upset as I thought with those words my stronger than Superman father-in-law had given up. Both my husband and brother assured me that he says that all the time. I grew up in a family where a 98% on a test brought on questions about why I couldn’t have done better. An A? Why not an A-Plus? My mother has been gone two years now but a year before she died she told me I should have never been born, that I was never invited to any family holiday but only crashed them.

While that crushed my soul I still sat by her bedside at hospice even though the only words she said to me that week were “get me some water, please.” I should be grateful for the “please.” I got her a priest and fought my siblings to allow her to make that decision through the hospice chaplain. That’s another story.

No-one ever said I love you, daughter, and am proud of you. My family never touched, except for us kids to provoke each other on car trips. From the day my husband and I met nearly ten years ago we link arms or hold hands on the street, and always say we love each other, at least several times a day.

His family is actually happy we met and married even though we have not been able to provide them grandchildren. I know that my husband loves me, my father loves me and we’ll go from there. My husband and his brother are lucky to have grown up on a dairy farm, worked hard but their parents wanted them to go to college and not work on the farm. Their love and pride drives their sons’ lives today and makes all of us want to do anything to help out after this setback. Surgery is on the calendar after some complications are resolved, and there will be months of rehabilitation. I love these people. They took me in as family, Jim’s Nanny took me in as her grand-daughter because I’ve never known a grandmother.

So let’s all make a wish to let Joe go back to tending his cows, running the farm and loving his dear wife, kids and grandkids. Cheers, Dee


5 responses to “I Love You, Son

  1. Thanks hon, it’s about Pippi time here though it’s in the 60’s this week, at least during the day. A future reality tv star stayed here the other night and my birthday gift (to myself) is tix to her concert near here on Saturday. Yes, Ms. Red Velvet Slippers herself! XOXO to you and yours. Dee

  2. Very cool to have Juni visit! Enjoy the show.

  3. You should know we’re a big bunch of softies! Hugging n’ kissing & all that gooey stuff…
    (we love you too honey ;-)

  4. Hi Dee,
    Just catching up on things, as we just got back from Italy…hoping your inlaws are recuperating after their accident. They sound like wonderful people, and I’m sure having a close family -as they do- helps in a situation like that…and you are part of that family, too. Hang in there. XOXO to you and Jim

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