Sister Wives

We moved to Utah, perhaps to the most non-Utah part of the state. For example, the State Store a few miles down the road has the best wine selection in Utah. That’s not to say the best in the world. Micro-breweries here have to sell their beer to the State and buy it back to sell or serve in the restaurant. It’s a strange place, in a beautiful and harsh setting.

Many of the folks in the State are LDS, which is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They are not polygamous. More orthodox sects are polygamous. We live in a ski community with guests from other states and countries and enjoy our neighbors and our views.

We are a non-religious monogamous couple with a dog who loves living here, too. Just because we live in Utah doesn’t mean we wear high-necked dresses or are sister wives. The LDS culture is that of hard-working people of faith. Good, honest people who work for a living and care for others in need. We don’t know any polygamous families. While I would have a problem sharing my husband with others on a regular basis, I am not judge or jury for these families who are fulfilling their religious beliefs.

Apparently a new show came out on The Learning Channel (TLC) called Sister Wives. Since that time, the police have undertaken an investigation into this family. Not all Utahans are Mormon. Most Mormons are LDS and monogamous. Please don’t judge people who live in Utah with a broad brush, OK there are strange liquor laws, that’s a given. “Oh, you live in Utah” has a bad connotation for many, and it should not as it is now Forbes #1 state for business. Honest people, good values. We’re happy living up in the hills in heathen country near organic farmers markets and even Whole Foods. Don’t know if I set the record straight, but it’s a shot. You’ve got to give me that. Cheers, Dee


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