It’s a $10 million home…

… and I still have a few issues with it! We went on a home tour today and I only saw two, the first was 5,000 sf and the second a ski-in, ski-out 10,000 sf on the Canyons Resort. This is a designer’s showcase and the first one we saw was sold. The second is for sale with designer furnishings. Both were lovely.

To live out here with a heated roof and garage and driveway… that’s the way to do it. Now how do we get the $10 million? Different countertops in each bath, onyx or fossilized marble or granite. Put up your skis and boots and come in where at least ten people can take a steam shower. And there’s ski storage inside in two places (in-season and off-season) plus three front-loading washers and dryers, two pair on the living level and one pair downstairs for ski gear.

The kitchen was amazing. We were at least at 8,000 feet above sea level. We stopped on the way out of this private complex of multi-million dollar homes to take a photo and Jim’s mother (his mom and dad are visiting from TX for a week) said she thought someone was burning something. I said that was the brakes on our AWD vehicle!

Friends are driving into town tomorrow so I’m meeting them for lunch. Jim and his folks will continue the tour or go to Park Silly market first. It’s good that he also has some quality time to spend with them without me. We’re having a good time together. It’s always good to see them when they’re “off” work, really off work. His dad still sits on the corner of the sofa and reads a book. Mom is more animated and likes hanging out and wants to help but I haven’t let her so so much as she’s on vacation! Dad’s off the ranch and can’t do anything with the cattle but call the guy who’s helping out for a few days. The guy’s in his 80’s and they’ve been friends for probably 40 years so what can they talk about that hasn’t been talked about in that time?

Jim and I’ve been married near 7 years and while new things come up, new jobs and moves and issues, the old stories remain the old stories! I wouldn’t trust him to take care of this place when I was away. He’d go back to clean pile, dirty pile for laundry and he’s good at taking the dog out but I’d definitely have to get a maid and he’d run up some restaurant bills, to be sure.

So we came back to our probably 1,300 sf townhome happy to be where we are and hope we can stay a while. So what if the hot tub is 18″ from a public pathway. We had it drained. Oh, there was a nice one that the skiers schuss through on the deck of the $10 mil home but those skiers don’t stop to tell the residents “You’re planting those herbs too soon, it’s going to freeze!” and all the other unsolicited advice we’ve received over the last five months.

I cooked a nice simple dinner that you’ve heard before. Baked chicken breasts dipped in milk, flour, egg and panko crumbs. Loaded baked potatoes, and sliced cluster tomatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper and dried basil.

I couldn’t take pictures of stuff. We have guests and the counter is not quite camera-ready. Hope you’re cooking away and having a marvelous weekend. Cheers, Dee


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