Health Insurance

We may have none right now until we opt into COBRA or another plan. Zoe, on the other hand, needs a full physical exam and rabies shot so that she can remain in quarantine in case we need to move overseas. One day after the deadline and she would need to be quarantined another six months so Zoe gets what we need and also a nasty jugular blood draw sent to a State lab, no matter what our situation or budget. Zoe’s been DEFRA-eligible for 11 years (eligible for EU countries), and we’re not about to change things now.

The US only recognizes a three-year rabies vaccine and the EU one year so I must have our Zoe vaccinated for rabies for three years every year in order to qualify for DEFRA, what has been the most stringent policy for dogs overseas.

She just turned 12, 84 in “people” years, and I do not want to send her overseas. She recently passed all her blood tests with and “A” but I think anything but a long car trip would be too much. She does love riding in the car. Has her harness for hard roads, a 4″ orthopaedic bed and food and bowls and blankets.

She’s having more trouble getting up to our bed. I know the routine. Happy, excited and chasing a ball, this distance. Normal, a run and jump. Tired, a longer run and jump (strategically placed rubber mats as runners in bedroom and bathroom rug) and really tired and old, now, is a whine and Dee gets up and does the Otis elevator to the top, even in the middle of the night. That little whine happens a lot now. She loves her pack and chooses her place. She is such a loving and demanding companion.

We’ve noticed that she needs more “oomph” to get up and her back legs trail while her front legs get her up where she wants to be. She has no hips, so we just want to know what to do at age twelve to keep her fit and agile. She is on a great diet and I do give her hip supplements even though she grew her own with cartilage. Our bed is high and she can no longer get up on her own. She can get down because her front end is very strong and she can walk and run, just not get up to our bed.

Whatever happens to us, we’re certain that Zoe will be OK. We don’t have kids so she’s our gal and my husband spoils her shamelessly. Let’s hope her next exam goes well. Also, much more important, that we all have a good day. Hug your spouse and dog! Be there for your pack, family, kids, everyone. Dee

ps Don’t forget the cat.


3 responses to “Health Insurance

  1. Unsolicited advice – but I would say at this point it’s all in the PT!
    Concentrate on keeping her lil’ gluteals & quads bulked up w/as much swimming as you can fit in for her, & slow hill climbing… [The secret is to keep her from “cheating” by bunny-hopping too much]
    Dr Val

  2. P.S. I’ve got to bone up on EU requirements so I can get Princess passported…

  3. Val saved one of Zoe’s excised hips for us to see. I’m sure she knew her cousin Jim, my husband, would want to see it and see the degradation of the bone even in a six month-old pup. Thanks, Val. I’m not sure that swimming in the Bayou works. Let’s see where we end up in the coming weeks.

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