My husband and I were fortunate enough to be sent to Scotland for work for three months just last year. While no-one in the UK seems to be able to make a decent burger, there are other assets at hand.

We lived in a flat just off George Square in Glasgow and my US girlfriend and I toured twice a week and then we went on weekend jaunts as well.

Interestingly, the Scots make great Italian pizzas. Our favorite place was on Italian Square off George Square – Piazza Italia. Don’t go to the bar on the corner, but head in to the no-traffic street and look to your right and Rocco will be looking for you. He has great pizzas and mussels. Careful, Rocco is formerly a carabinieri in Florence. He’s also a sweetheart who treated us very well during the months we lived next door.

The Mussel Inn is a treat, mussels by weight, with your choice of sauce. Incredible. Just go and slurp mussels and eat French bread.

Pizza in the hole, is a downstairs eatery/brewery along the main streets, Republic Bier Halle. Check it out online

During our time there this may be the best photo I took, inside Glasgow Cathedral, St. Mungo’s place. Do yourself a favor and visit Scotland. There is so much history in the castles (Stirling, Edinburgh) and churches (Melrose, Rosslyn) and museums that you’ll never want for something to do. You don’t need to golf to be amazed at the color of the grass and, in the spring, the rapeseed fields you’ll see on the train.

Make sure to visit castles Craigmillar, Doune (of Monty Python fame) and Linlithgow, birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots.



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